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Simple and Modern baby blankets. We use organic cotton and bamboo fabrics for the ultimate luxury for your little babe. Home to the original Nursing Blanket.



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3 Things That Surprised Me About Motherhood


Guest Blogger Risa Page
blog // instagram

It’s amazing how quickly and drastically one tiny human can change everything you know about life. Six weeks ago my husband and I welcomed our second baby, a boy named Theo; he joins his nearly two-year-old sister Isla. While life with two is chaotic at the best of times, I’d like to share a few of the things that have surprised me about motherhood so far:

1.     Everyone was right; you’ll figure it out. As new parents we all wonder if we’re up to the task of keeping a tiny human alive. How will I know when she’s hungry? What if he won’t stop crying? What if she gets a fever? And what in the name of all things living am I supposed to do when my son pees on his own head while my daughter is dumping my coffee on the carpet?

“You’ll figure it out,” every seasoned parent told me. And they were right.

Before I had kids I remember feeling unsure of myself while holding other people’s babies, even though I had a good bit of experience thanks to two much younger siblings. With that new mom giving me the side eye to make sure I didn’t break her baby I suddenly felt extremely nervous about this whole newborn thing.

Then I had my own child and instinctively knew what she needed. That’s not to say being a new parent isn’t incredibly intimidating, especially during those first few weeks with a brand new baby. I still call and FaceTime my mom three times a day with a million questions. And my older sister, a pediatrician, is likely pretty tired of diagnosing my kids’ random rashes and odd behaviors via picture message. But I was surprised by just how natural being a parent felt for both my husband and me. My husband had held a baby less than a handful of times before the birth of our daughter, yet by the time we left the hospital he was a diaper changing, baby burrito-making machine.

So while it all seems scary at first, that instinct truly does kick in pretty quickly.


2.     I don’t miss my pre-baby life. I had a mini panic attack just before my first baby was born. I suddenly worried we had made a terrible mistake. I mourned the death of my social life, wondered if I’d ever enjoy sushi, wine and dancing with my girlfriends again and was convinced I’d never fit into another pair of non-maternity jeans.

Then my sweet Isla Bee and her chubby cheeks entered my world and I completely forgot what I was so panicked about.

Now don’t misunderstand me. With two babies under the age of two, I need a minute! I could use a few girls’ nights and some alone time with my husband. At the same time, all of the sacrifices that come with being a parent don’t really feel like sacrifices at all. I love moments at home with my kids. My toddler, in all of her terrible two glory, is the sweetest, funniest girl I know. She’s my tiny best friend and I can’t imagine spending my days with anyone else. Now that her brother is here that love has only doubled.

So while my twenties were a blast, I’m enjoying this chapter of my life even more. The moment each one of my kids entered this world I realized instantly that this was exactly where I wanted to be. Every day is filled with struggles and some are easier than others. Some days I feel like a complete failure as a mom, while other days I’m checking the mail for my Mom of the Year plaque. What still surprises me every single day is how something so all-consuming, unpredictable and sometimes downright difficult can feel so perfect.



3.     Raising babies is controversial. The Internet is a scary place on a normal day, but for a new parent looking for a little information or support it can be downright horrifying.

Breastmilk vs. formula, co-sleeping vs. bassinet, baby-led weaning vs. baby food, C-section vs. vaginal birth. You name it, it’s controversial.

Before I had a baby I was completely clueless that were two sides to all of these issues and that those sides were really mad at each other! I mean really, are you afraid I’m going to squirt my breast milk into your coffee from the other side of Starbucks? (If I worked on my aim, I could totally do that, you know.) Are you the one sitting in my living room in tears listening to my sweet girl scream it out in her crib? Are you as nervous as I am that my six-month-old is going to choke on that whole banana I just gave her?

All these debates, the ones that resort to shaming and nastiness, completely baffle me. Occasionally these online mom-shamers will enter your real life, but thankfully I’ve found most parents are far more accepting. We’re all just trying to raise happy, healthy babies, right?

As a parent I just want to know I’m not alone. I find comfort in knowing I’m not the only one who is confused, exhausted, completely unsure of what to do next and just trying to get through the day. It’s helpful when our friends with kids are doing things differently than we are. That’s the best way to discover new ides for how to raise our own kids; ideas we can tweak to suit our needs and maybe, just maybe, get a little more sleep every night!

What are some of the things that have surprised you about parenthood?

3 Ideas on Keeping Charity Alive with Children All Year


Guest Blogger Ann Lillard
instagram // blog


Ten sleep tricks guaranteed to put that baby to sleep and get you the beauty sleep you crave. Just kidding! I know nothing about sleep tricks. (As evidenced by the fact that it is 9 pm and my 8th month old has already woken up three times.) While it would be nice to have some sleep tricks, I do have some ideas for something I consider equally important. Charity.

       1.     My husband and I both believe that charity begins at home. We want to model for Asher, our 4 year old, that we believe in charitable and enthusiastic giving. We also want to be explicit to Asher about our giving. A close relative has ALS. As a result, ALS is a cause near and dear to our hearts.  Every time we donate or do a walk for ALS, we take time to explain to him why we are doing this.

       2.     Another way we convey to Asher the importance of charity is through his allowance. Asher has three jars. One jar is for fun money. Another jar is for savings. The final jar is for charity. Asher gets to pick which charity will receive his money. This gives us so many opportunities to have discussions about charity. We let him pick charities that he is interested in. It has been so much fun to see his excitement and which charities he picks. He is most interested in charities involving sea creatures or kids.

      3.      Acts of kindness are my favorite ways we teach Asher about charity. I also think it is one of the best ways for little kids to learn about charity. Little kids are more hands on. They need to see to understand how charity works. Whenever we do an act of kindness, we go to the place with the intention of completing the act. On the way there, we talk about why and how we will do it. We have made Asher do lots of little things like buy a coffee for someone, compliment someone, or hold the door open.

            I hope that by implementing these ideas year round, we teach Asher that charity is not seasonal.  It is also not something we do in times of disaster, and it is not optional. It is a choice we should make every day.

            What are some of your favorite tips or ways to teach kids about charity? I would love to know. Leave them in the comments below!

Twice as Nice


Guest Blogger Krista Horton
instagram // blog


Just two and a half short months ago, our little family of three quickly became a family of four. With the addition of Kollyns Drew, I was now a mother of two under two. I’ve heard a lot of people say that transitioning from one to two is pretty tough but to be honest, I really haven’t felt like it has been that hard. That’s not to say it isn’t a lot of work but it’s work I enjoy so I really can’t complain!

My son, Boston, turned two about a month after I had Kollyns and I feel like this age definitely has its ups and downs. He is becoming a lot more independent and is SO much fun (as you can see by the pictures he is doing his own crazy thing!) but there are also plenty of tantrums and needing mama’s complete attention. Thankfully my little Kolly girl still sleeps quite a bit so I have time to spend one on one with Boston. I am also very thankful for toys and cartoons to entertain him when I have to tend to Kollyns.

For about the first three weeks after Kollyns was born, we just stayed home. It was a nice little relaxing break to really just bond with her but after those few weeks were up, I was ready to get out! I started to get a little stir crazy and I know Boston was getting even more stir crazy! Most weeks, we get out and about three or four days. I really enjoy having a day or two just to stay home in our jammies and catch up on housework but those days outside of the house are really important to me. Kollyns sleeps most of the time when we are out and Boston gets to burn some energy which makes it a win win!  Even if we just make it over to a family or friend’s house, it is such a nice relief to feel like I am connecting with the rest of the world. We don’t live our lives on a schedule around here so each day is something a little different than the day before!

I do have to say that I couldn’t do all this without help. When my husband gets home from work, I feel a sense of relief that I am able to get all the things done that I couldn’t get done during the day. I run around like a mad woman cooking, cleaning and a million other things before getting ready for bed. There have been a few days that he has been sick and couldn’t help me, and those days were pretty dang tough. I praise single parents because it’s a lot of work to do on your own. I do feel like adding that second child has made it more difficult to make time for me and my husband on a daily basis which is why we have designated more time to date nights (thanks to family being able to watch the kids) because they are super important for us to reconnect. You can’t forget about the relationship that started it all! It’s a key piece to maintaining a strong, happy family!

Being able to give Boston a little sister and watching their bond develop has been my favorite motherhood moment thus far. The kisses he smothers her in and the “baby” he yells in his sweet voice every morning he sees her just melt my heart! Adding another one to the mix has definitely been a bit of an adjustment but it is definitely twice as nice!

Blankets have always been one of my biggest obsessions and this adorable little soft blankie by Max and Moose is just perfect for Kollyns! I love the cute print and think the blue is a nice change from all the girly colors we have! You can girl anything up by just adding a bow ☺

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New Years Resolution


What better time to make a goal of writing more posts than at the beginning of the year? I will warn you I am not a blogger and this is my first attempt at doing so. So bare with me. I figure this is a good way to get information out to our Max + Moose family where we arent limited.

We have so many fun things coming this year and we can't wait to share them with you! We can't give away too much but lets say new fabrics, new blanket that everyone will use, gift cards, a new website, and collaborations up the wall are all in the works as we speak. We are so excited!! 

We will be announcing everything over on instagram when they are happening, so make sure to follow us! 

We hope you have a fun and safe New Years! Do you have any fun resolutions for 2015?




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